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Welcome to our Site!

"Just A Touch of Staging" is a full-service, residential interior staging and design company ready to get started for you.

Whether your listing is vacant, occupied, old or a new listing I will bring all the necessary pieces of furniture and accents to make it look complete. I can also stage with your items in addition to mine and either direction we choose to go, I can get your home/condo or commercial property to look it's best!!! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Staging Vacant Home

Give me an open pallet and I'll bring it to life. Color, character, warmth anything to fill the room with personality.

Staging Occupied Home

Need time before you move out? No problem, I can use and stage your items and/or bring what is needed of mine.

Binging it together

Besides an array of furniture I also carry fake comfort food, flat screen TV's and more.

Give me a call to see what I can d​o for you~

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