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         My name is Cynthia/Cindy Orlando I have been working in the design and construction industry for the last ninteen years. As a kid I always found rearranging my room a hundred times and getting the chance to climb a ladder or hammering a nail fun and exciting.  Out of high school I didn't see where or how I could fit in working in construction, so I decided to go to beauty school. The first few years I worked for someone and not to long after I started working for myself.  At 25 years old I became part owner and manager of a full service flooring company in Illinois. I enjoyed pulling all the colors together and helping our customers feel confident about their choices.  At 28, still helping with the flooring company we decided to start rehabbing homes.  I helped with the design and hands on construction of the business (climbing the ladder whenever I wanted was a nice perk too)!  After some great success with rehabbing we then moved into custom remodeling where I again helped clients redesign their entire home inside and out.  After having both business for 8 to 10 years the market and time had changed and it was time to end them and start another on my own.  

     I noticed through my past experience that there was a need for help to get a home or property to look its best and ready to sell .  In October of 2008 I decided to start my own full service Staging business~ Just A Touch Of Staging.  

     In my business I realized that the first showing whether it be online an open house or agent appointment it is the most important.  Let me help you capture that buyer!   I am skilled at solving complex space and design problems, highlighting areas that are most important, and drawing a persons attention away from the un-important. I pay attention to detail and the things that might matter most to the new family that will be purchasing your home. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best !


Time is of the essence so call today!!!

Cindy Orlando - Direct (314) 606-7317

Kirkwood, MO

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM - 7PM,

Sat: 10AM-5PM, Sun: Closed

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